What is Mcalls?

Mcalls is a telco service provider with a variety of telco plans that brings great value to users as we let users enjoy optimum and worry free mobile 4G+ highspeed data, voice, and text.

Can I choose a number that I prefer when registering?

Yes, you can. You have the option to either choose a new number from the available numbers when making your purchase, or you may keep your Malaysian Mobile Number by MNP porting-in. For more information on the process to perform an MNP port-in, click here.

Can I pay by Credit/Debit Card or Online Banking?

Yes, we currently accept Mastercard and Visa credit or debit cards. We also accept all forms of local Malaysian online banking if making a purchase online.

How many mobile line subscriptions can I have?

You can have up to 5 lines per ID including all the numbers that you have registered with other telcos.

Will there be any confirmation of payment after the registration process is completed?

Yes, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address once your registration is complete.

MNP Porting
What is MNP Porting?

MNP Porting gives you peace of mind by allowing you to retain your existing mobile number from a different telco to Mcalls.

Before I request for an Mcalls MNP Port, what do I need to prepare?

For hassle free MNP Porting, please make sure that your existing line is active and registered under your own name. Ensure that your current plan is contract-free and make sure to complete the contract binding you with them. Finally, clear up all outstanding payments with your current service provider if there are any.

Can I still use my number with my existing service provider while waiting for my Mcalls MNP Port?

Yes, you can. Your existing line will be active until the telco processes your request and you give the green light via their notification service to join Mcalls.

Can I cancel my MNP Port request?

Yes. You will have the chance to not proceed with your MNP Port request when you receive the SMS confirmation from your existing telco.

How much does it cost to have an MNP Port done?

MNP Porting to join Mcalls is a free service. You don’t have to pay anything for an MNP Port.

Using MMspot
What is MMspot and how do I use it?

MMspot(Mcalls Mfans Spot) is the Mcalls Mobility Tool, an application available on the Apple App Store and google Play Store that enables Mcalls Fans to manage their own telco plans themselves and access many other services on the app for a Digital Lifestyle Experience.

When you download the MMspot app, there are several things you can do on it, including:

  • Reload and Top-Up Airtime Credit for your own or the Mcalls mobile number of others.
  • Redemption of digital goods and services made available to MMspot.
How do I reload my MMspot?

There are a few ways to reload your MMspot

  • You could do it via the MMspot app by logging in, tapping on the reload “+” icon which is on the same row at the right side of the M-A credit display. Use your Mastercard or Visa Credit or Debit card or online banking to make the payment.
  • You can also transfer M-A from your friends.
I topped up to my friend that has an Mcalls mobile number but wasn’t credited the full amount. Why?

Top-Ups are subject to a government service tax (GST) as per Malaysian tax regulations. A 6% fee will be deducted from your Top-Up amount for Mcalls Fans that are registered as a foreign national. If the user was registered under a Malaysian ID, the Mcalls Fan will be credited the full amount.

Will reloading M-A credit to my MMspot extend my Mcalls SIM validity?

No, it will not. Your SIM validity follows your Mcalls Plan active period

How does my SIM account status impact my MMspot?
  • During the SIM ACTIVE status period, you can use your MMspot M-A and related services.
  • During the GRACE status period, your MMspot M-A- will remain, but you won’t be able to perform any redemptions until your SIM is back to its ACTIVE status.
  • After the 50 days GRACE period, your SIM will be TERMINATED, and your M2Care Airtime balance will be forfeited. However, all the MMspot M-A balance can be claimed by transferring it to another MMspot account registered under the same owner/name (subject to terms & conditions)
Can I cancel a Top-Up and get a refund?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. All Top-Ups are confirmed and final.

SIM card activation
How do I activate my SIM card?

Upon receiving your SIM card, please ensure that you are the registered user then remove the SIM card from the ISO card and insert it into a smart phone. Simply make a voice call to any number and you are from then on officially welcomed to the Mcalls family.